Feels So Good with Xavier Toscano!

We are thrilled to be back, and we are over the moon that the Bay Area’s very own Xavier Toscano, allowed us the opportunity to interview him. Xavier exemplifies what the Bay Area is all about and what it has to offer; amazing talent, local entertainer with a global reach and very humble. During our interview he mentioned that he wanted the Bay Area and FullyChic’s followers to have his new album; Feels So Good for FREE. Links are provided below. Read our interview, connect with us and don’t forget to follow Xavier Toscano!


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We’re back

FullyChic-We're Back







It’s Friday and the FullyChic.Com team is officially back after a 2 year hiatus. Thank you to our family, friends and followers who encouraged us to return.  FullyChic has always been a blog that reflected who we are and what we do in life.  As we have transformed in our own lives it was only natural FullyChic did the same. FullyChic is back as A Bay Area lifestyle blog showcasing the amazing things, places and people that make the BAYAREA an amazing place.  We have great features to show case with our series ‘What We Love About the Bay’ an eclectic mix of trailblazers who are making major contributions to the Bay Area and the world. These individuals encompass what is to be a well rounded individual; to be FullyChic. Thank you for your support and we are thrilled to be back.



The Re-launch of FullyChic in…3,2,1!